A while ago I had a chance to speak with a few students that are part of the leadership lab. One of the topics that came up was the weekly leadership emails that I had been sending out on Thursday’s. This was the point in the conversation where I realized that I had quickly fallen into the same type of trap that I warn leaders not to fall into.

I have often “boasted” at the numbers on my leadership email list as if it was currency in the “I am important” bank. What came out of that conversation that day was a realization that the currency that I was using was no longer valued in todays world.

After a lot of research and thoughts on the matter, I have decided to change up the method that the weekly leadership message will be reaching the attendees of the leadership lab.

You see one of the keys to leadership is to realize when the method needs to be changed so the vision continues.

If we were to look at music as an example, we can see that throughout history the method of getting those sounds to our ears has made many changes. We have gone from the gramophone and phonographs to records, multi track & cassette tape recordings, in 1982 we were introduced to the compact discs, and now we have file sharing and iTunes. While the methods will continue to change, we can see that music is still what we are hearing.

I hope that each of you will pause and use my own personal example. Do an evaluation and determine if your vision has stopped reaching those you have influence with because your methods are outdated.

Until next time,

Experiment Challenge: Are there any methods that you are using in your leadership that need to be changed?