I will never forget watching Michael Jordan shooting free throws with his eyes closed. I remember thinking how great he was and how things must just come easy for him. I am not sure if you have ever seen or heard of him doing it so I have attached a youtube video from back in 1991.

I think that often we assume that when a leader or someone does something and it “looks easy” we fail to recognize the amount of hard work, practice and repetitions that that person has taken so they are prepared when the pressure is on. I know that in my own life I sometimes look at the success of other leaders and think how they have it so easy. It is easy to forget the amount of work put into getting them to that point.
I think that we as leaders need to remember that a lot of our practice and leadership skills will be perfected when we are leading in the small areas. I heard Jon Acuff once say that speakers need to speak from the size of their heart, not the size of the audience. The same goes with leadership. Leaders, especially young leaders, need to remember that leadership skills are honed and perfected. All of us will make mistakes and we need to learn from them. The best way to perfect our skill is in the practice arena, without all of the pressure. That way when the pressure is placed squarely on our shoulders, the big project is in our lap, we have spent the many hours necessary practicing so we can take the shot with our eyes closed.

This weeks experiment: What areas are you perfecting  your leadership skills? It might be in training your dog, or having a small group bible study. Jut take a moment and remember that you are perfecting so one day you will be prepared to take the game winning shot.