Recently I saw the advertisement for the new version of an old movie. The movie is the Wizard of Oz and it seems that the new version will be in 3D.

I remember when I was a lot younger and I saw the Wizard of Oz for the first time and how I cried and was scared of witches and flying monkeys. After all, that is stuff that would cause nightmares for the most secure 12 year olds. Well you get the point, it was scary.

It has taken much therapy to get over the scars caused by the horror but I am on the long road to normal now. In my spare time I started considering the leadership lessons that might be learned from Dorothy’s trip so I decided to share a couple.

Dorothy had a clear goal and purpose. While she had a lot of obstacles that came at her, she never lost sight of the goal. I think that we as leaders need to remember how important it is to remain focused. In today’s world it is easy to get sidetracked and loose sight of the purpose. As I have stated before, it is easy to start focusing on the method instead of the goal.

Next we see that Dorothy realized that it is better to travel with a team. Dorothy made friends and was able to share her vision and get that team to join her. Her team quickly realized how passionate she was about getting to the emerald city and they also realized that reaching the goal was profitable for everyone on the team.

I also noticed that the team that Dorothy assembled was not built with star players but instead it had members that all would profit from the goal. This team, built with what would seem as useless players, was able overcome huge obstacles and encourage each other along the way.

Dorothy also took the time to understand the personal needs and the motivation needed to get the entire team to the city. While we as leaders have to stay focused on the goal, it is equally important to understand the needs of the team. Teams are built with people that have many other needs and desires and it is our responsibility to understand that scarecrows have feelings and lions are sensitive.

While there are many more that I would like to share, there is one more that I will close with, that is the yellow brick road. The path to success should be paved in a contrasting color. We need to make sure that it is easily defined and just as easy to follow. Wouldn’t it be nice if our team always understand that they were on the right path? I think that the paving material that is used for leadership is communication.

It is when I fail to communicate what success is and how the team should reach it that the team gets off track. I find myself instead trying to turn everything into a lesson, or teaching moment. It always works better when I present a goal, and then lead to success.

This weeks experiment is to take a moment and make sure you are on the right path. Follow the yellow brick road.