Recently I had a chance to spend some quality time in the leadership laboratory observing an experiment with 37 leadership subjects.

I would like to take some time and share some of my observations from the experiments.

First, being loud does not make you a leader. Sometimes it just makes you annoying, in case you haven’t noticed. I have never been told about a team that is excited about following a loud annoying person.

Second, having a negative attitude affects even the best of teams. When someone in a leadership role becomes a child when they do not get their way the entire team is destroyed. Everyone just wants them to go and change their wet diaper and come back with they are happy.

Third, and most important, when a leader chooses to break the rules or starts acting immorally it affects the entire team. Often a leader gets wrapped up in trying to complete a task whatever the cost. Unfortunately this has become more of the norm in today’s cut throat world. The leader sees their team as tools needed to accomplish the goal.

What happens in this type of setting is that while a goal might be reached, the cost is the character of that leader. That is a very high price to pay for any goal.

On the other hand, when a team has a leader that looks out for what’s best for the team, understands that their actions are also the examples that the team will follow, and chooses to lead in a moral and righteous direction, in the long run everyone wins. After all the ultimate goal is leadership.

This weeks experiment: Are you taking short cuts to get a goal accomplished or are you trying to lead your team with true character?