Si's Golf

This past week I decided that I needed to improve my golf game a little bit so I went to the interweb and searched for some instructional golf videos.

It did not take long for me to find the one that the most entertaining without much true golf instructions. However after reviewing the video I realized that it had more to do with leadership than it did for golf.

Si provided us with 4 clear steps to improve our golf (leadership) game and I wanted to share them with you.

The first is stance. Where we stand as a leader determines a lot about how good of a leader we are. If we do not have a clear position and we try to play all sides, our team will find it hard to truly get behind our leadership. So step one, stance… very simple. Know where you stand.

The second is our swing. Prior to any movement from a leader, you will need to have vision and know how to move. In the game of golf you swing differently when driving from the tee, or if you are in a sand trap (I love sand), or if you are putting on the green. As a leader, our vision and goals will determine the movement necessary. Also, it is paramount importance.. when you swing, hit the little white ball. Aim for your goal.

Next is making the long putt. We need to make sure that we focus on the small details of the people that make up our team. If we remember that the success of our team is our role, then our overall game will go smoothly. Most leaders will tell you that dealing with personalities and people is the main role they have as leaders. If you master the long game then you will not need the short game.

Last is a key part of leadership. Don’t over do it. Most of my own mistakes come from this area. Many times I decide that if the team is not doing things as fast as I think they should, I just step in and take over. This ties back in to mastering the long putt, when I take over I end up hurting the people on the team. We need to remember as leaders we need to remember to avoid overdoing it.

This weeks experiment, following these four basic steps and you will be a leader in no time at all.

Here is a link so you can see the actual video and learn from the best.