After having a chance to sit an listen to a wonderful discussion about leadership, I wanted to share a few things that I was able to walk away with.
Fist, leadership requires many types of sacrifice. Some of the most obvious are sacrifices of time and energy however sometimes there will be others that are not so obvious and those are usually the ones that are the hardest to sacrifice. There will be times when your own pride and personal feelings will have to be set aside so that the success of the team is made the priority.
Second, the decisions that we make need to be made with morality as the core foundation of those decisions. Many times the decisions that we are faced with come with at least one solution that will generate results both quick and easy. The problem however is that most of the time those quick and easy solutions usually involves making a immoral decision. This could be as small as a simple white lie, or as big as cheating to get results. In the end, character and moral decisions are a key to great leadership.
Next, the speech we use as leaders can make or break the best of teams. I have seen occasions where the most qualified team can be emotionally destroyed by the way their leader has spoken to them. We must try and focus on keeping our intentions and our speech pure. This can be as small as learning how to encourage and also learning how to motivate in a polite manner.
Last, along with being morally correct and keeping pure speech, deceiving and manipulating might generate a quick solution but in the end it does not create great leadership. The character of a leader who is deceptive and manipulative eventually becomes known to team members and also to those who place people in leadership roles. While the rewards might come early, in the end the fall of that type of leader is always farther than the rise generated by such actions.
This weeks experiment, evaluate your leadership and see how you rate in each of these four areas.