Early in my life I had a dream of becoming an architect, probably because it sounded cool and I had dreams of designing things like the Sears Tower, or something really big. I still dream big but my designs of a different nature now.

Anyway back to reality, one of the topics that I had to study in my  classes dealt with building components how they related to the designed structure. An example is that when building a tree house, it would be overkill to use steel I-beams with concrete columns however using cardboard would be a huge under design and could cause injuries, take my word for it.

My point is that the estimated load for a project will determine the type of building components needed for construction. The reason is because each building component has a structural integrity that determining the amount of load that it can handle without failure. This is true for almost any type of construction. The example that I commonly use is that if you were going with a group to enjoy a day of riding a zip line way above a canyon, you might be excited until your guide tells you that the zip line is made out of dental floss. At this point you might say, “Jesus said that the first should be last”, so I will wait.

This same type of thinking goes along with leadership because everyone of us has a breaking point. We all can handle a certain amount of stress and problems coming at us. When a team is faced with a problem or a challenge, they look toward their leader. If their leader is curled up in a corner in a deep conversation with their shadow, they might begin to panic. A team needs a leader with leadership integrity, someone able to handle the load that is placed on them.

Now as I have mentioned, we all have a breaking points however leaders have a breaking point past the rest of the team. It is during tough times that the leader will need to rally the troops, encourage the week, and keep the team focused. This is why leaders must have leadership integrity.

So, you might ask your self, how do I increase my leadership integrity. There is a method used in steel production that increases it’s integrity and hardness, that method is called tempering. This is done by using controlled heating and rapid cooling to decrease the brittleness of the metal. This method can be traced as far back as to in Galilee in 1200 B.C. This is accomplished in leadership by beginning with small leadership roles.

In leadership we will be trusted in small things, a leadership role on a sports team, on a class project, etc… Next we might be placed in a leadership role at work or on a volunteer project. This could lead to a leadership role in the community, in local government or eventually a scholarship to the Starfleet Academy and then captain of the Enterprise. The possibilities are limitless.

Starfleet Adademy

This weeks experiment:

Are you at your breaking point? Are you taking on to much? Has your shadow began to talk back to you?

How are you tempering your breaking point and increasing your Leadership Integrity?