It seems fitting that today’s leadership blog be about saying thanks. The funny thing is that this is something that I truly have a problem with so writing about it is odd.

I know that this is where I should make the suggestion for you to go and get tissues for some “deep sharing” but we are all adults here, well you might be, and we can all handle a little truth so here it goes.

For some reason I was raised in an environment that did not include much appreciation of any kind. Now on the side of criticism, so I might improve and do better, I received more than my fair share for and I am THANKFUL for it. I truly believe that it made me the person that I am.

However there is a problem with it as well, it also has made me into he person that I am. You see for some reason it made me think that saying or expressing thanks is a sign of weakness. After all, everyone knows if they are doing a good job, or if they are appreciated…………. right?

No! That is not the case and people, our team, needs to know that they are appreciated. Heck, you and I need to know that we are appreciated. I APPRECIATE YOU FOR READING THIS BLOG!

Seriously, I am aware of the fact that I do not say thank you, and it is one of my many weaknesses. For me it just does not come naturally. The way I look at it is if I have to be reminded then it does not mean as much. Again, it is something that I am working on.

I thought that I would provide you with the three techniques that I have written down to help me in this area.

  • Be sincere – people need to know that you are not doing it out of obligation. Be clear and honest. Try to look them in the eye.
  • Be grateful – use the humility of Christ in showing your appreciation for both them as a person and also for their actions.
  • Use the correct body language – I am able to communicate as much with my actions as with words (don’t dance). How I walk up to and    away from a person will let them know how I truly feel.

This weeks experiment, be thankful…