Every year as it gets close to the end of the year, and we go through the holiday season, I get an itch to build something. I head out to the workshop and make a little sawdust. I am not sure if this is because I secretly want to be an elf or if it just my way of relaxing.

Normally what happens when I begin my wood shop projects is that I look through my “how to books” and find a project that I like. This year as I looked through books my mind began to drift back to my team and our goals.

I began to think about the correct way to build a team and wondered if there was a “how to” book for team building? Well it does not take a genius to use google so within seconds I could watch videos, see the 12 steps to successful team building, or the 7 steps etc…

So instead of creating another list, or making a “how to” video, I wanted to mention two things about building teams.

First as a leader, your team (staff, employees, crew, etc…) will be the key group that accomplishes the goal. I heard a comment the other day that I wanted to pass on, “the team you create will determine the results you get”. Spend as much time as possible when getting the right people for the team, it will pay off in the end.

Second, the primary job of a leadership position when it comes to the team is helping them realize that the group is greater than the individual. Often people think that because they work in a company, even in the same offices, they are on a team and many times that is not the case. A great leader reminds the team that they are many members of one body. Each member has a purpose in the greater goal and no position survives without the others.

This week’s experiment take a look at your team and determine if it was built to accomplish the goal.