I thought that the best thing that I could for each of you this week is to help you with your super hero ability. Just as with many of the superhero’s in our world, training is needed so that you can learn to use your abilities for good and not for evil. The last thing that I want is for you to destroy the world that I live in because of a lack of training.
Over the past month, I have had the chance to speak to students at our leadership labs for reBOOT winter retreats. One of the things that I got out of those labs is how we as leaders have a super hero ability of seeing things. A Super Vision sort of thing!
It is my opinion that leaders are those people that are able to look at the situation and see it differently than others. I think that the first step of becoming a leader is accepting the fact that we see things different. It is our supernatural ability to see things that cause us to ask the most important question which is “why are we doing it this way?”
I know that, in my own experience of trying to deal with this super vision, others try to discourage the use of it. I hear things like “can’t you just leave it alone and not always try to change things?” The truth is that to a person with the gift of leadership; this creates frustration. It is like trying to tell SuperMan to not use his strength, or the Flash not to speed.
My encouragement for you as a leader is to accept your super ability and learn how to use it for good. It is our responsibility to use our gifts in a way that helps the rest of the human race, to save the world, to rescue the damsel in distress. I am sure that you get the picture.
Speaking of seeing things differently, I wanted to leave you with a test that will provide you with an example of what I am talking about. Below you will see a picture of an elephant, all you have to do is take a look and determine how many legs that the elephant have?

This week’s experiment; work on using your superhero gift for good and change your world.