Today I thought that I would share a couple of personal things about myself.
First, I have always been pretty good at math. For some reason dealing with numbers, has always come easy to me. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not RainMan, however, I am ok when it comes to math.
The next thing that I wanted to share is that I am always hesitant when am added to someone else’s team. That’s right, I have now entered into the “deep sharing” end of the pool, and I am letting it all out. The guy that talks about leadership hates being on teams. Wow, that feels better! I feel like a hippo sitting in a watering hole if you know what I mean.
Now you might be wondering what these two things have to do with each other? Alternatively, you might be wondering why I have not decided to seek professional help to get me through these deep issues. Just stay with me though.
You see, in my mind the two are very much connected. I have always valued my individualism. I appreciate that while there is no “I” in team, when I am doing things all Lone Ranger, I can use all of my gifts and abilities. Then comes the part when I consider adding a team or joining others in my project. It makes me feel as though my value will have to diminish so that the team will be successful.
It boils down to a math problem. It is one of those problems where we solve for the value of “1”. At first we take “1”, and it is a whole number, then we add 4 others and now our “1” has become 1/5th of the new whole.
I realize that most leadership gurus will now go into the conversation of how the new sum is a team and not the individual, however, realize what we just did in this simple math problem. For those of us, like myself, we devalued the “1” into a fraction of what it originally was.
This is where true leadership has to take place. The teams that I have enjoyed being on, those that I cherish being a part of, have always included a leader that increased the value of each “1” by placing us on the team.
This is a special leader, one that spends time recognizing the full value of each team member, and makes them feel appreciated and VALUED. This takes a lot of time; it takes a lot of energy but in the end it really is worth it.
After all, just think about this as a math problem. In what world does 1+1+1+1+1=1 make sense? The only way it works is if you only use a partial amount of each 1.
My challenge for you as a leader is to try and value each member of your team in their entirety.