As with most of America recently I’ve had the opportunity to sit back as an outsider’s viewpoint and watch the actions of the famous Canadian, Justin Bieber.

It seems as though we as a society always get the best seat in the house to view the life crashes from public figures. Witnessing his life decisions and actions led me to think about this from a leadership perspective. I believe that we as leaders get the same opportunity, I will try to explain.

When we as leaders it to stand back and watch the rest of our team is they operate, we usually have the best seat in the house for an overall view of how they are accomplishing their goals and staying on task. We also get the opportunity to witness those same team members make life choices that can affect their overall actions on the team.

Being the leader of the team gives us the best seat in the house. What we choose to do with that seat is our own choice. By being a leader we have two options, we can either sit back and watch the view and watch the self-destruction or we can step in and try to assist. As our role as leaders, we have the opportunity to try to help the team help each member be the best that they can possibly be.

As a leader and following after the example of Christ, our goal should be to use our position to assist our team members to grow in their gifted areas and stay focused on improvement.

As I listen to people talk about Justin Bieber and the problems, he’s going through there’s one conversation that continues to surface. That statement goes like this, “Someone should step in and help him so that he doesn’t destroy himself”.

This weeks experiment or challenge is this; be that person for those team members and your team. As a leader, you should be that that person who stands up and helps those on your team to be the best that they can be.