Due to a few circumstances in my own life, lately I have added a new term to my daily vocabulary. I know that some of you might wonder what I mean by “daily vocabulary” so let me begin by explaining that part.

I have a strange habit of getting a word, or a phrase stuck in my brain and then using it in every conversation that I am involved. Sometimes this is ok, however, there are some times when I decide to create a word, “Simplize” and then it just becomes weird.

Anyway, recently I have had the word “Value” stuck in my brain. I have started to talk about the value of individuals, the value of organizations, the value of coffee. I am sure you get the picture.

I started looking at how money is valued and where the mighty dollar gets in value. After all, I have heard that the value of the dollar continues to decrease. I found out that the value placed on a dollar is determined by an algebraic expression dealing with current value, present value, and time value. Blah, blah, blah…

During my reading about money I seem to slip into a short term coma, however, it did get me to thinking about leadership and the value of a team.

One of the things that I have noticed in being both a leader and also a team member is that we as human beings want to feel valued. Sometimes teams become so focused on the vision and the goal that the individual team members begin to feel like pawns on a chess board. If there is no time for recognition of the individual then it does not take long for that individual to feel like a replaceable cog in a large moving wheel.

As leaders, we should understand that our position allows for the opportunity to increase or decrease the value of the team member. Our goal should be to “invest” (you see what I did there? I brought us back to a financial term.) in the individuals that make up our team. Each team member should feel as though they have become more valuable by being a member on our team.

The way to do this is simple in concept, however, difficult in practice. The simple part is recognizing the areas that each team member has a current value and also has some areas that need assistance to help them to be more valuable. The difficult part is the investing part. This is where we as leaders take the time to train, encourage and recognize so their value to the team along with their self value increases.

If we as leaders are able to take the time to invest in those on our team, the return will great.

This weeks experiment, find some time to increase the value of your team members.