Recently I had the opportunity to participate in one of my favorite activities, scuba diving. This one hobby of mine allows me to spend time quietly observing life in what seems like a different world.

For those of you that have never had a chance to go diving, I would like to explain the events that lead up to those exiting words “pools open”.

Every dive begins with a lot of paperwork. There are places to fill out your emergency contact info, next of kin, release of liability, etc… Once you have signed everything, you head out to the dive boat (or the launch of the shore dive) where you are paired up with a dive buddy, that is unless you brought one with you.

Once the boat is heading to the dive site, the “Dive Master” will begin his run through on all of the emergency procedures. The best dive masters clearly identify all of the emergency procedures are makes sure that everyone understands. Along with the emergency procedures the official planned dive will be presented. The depth of the dive, the length of time you will be at depth, what you will see, and what to expect.

It was after listening to one of these pre-dive briefings that I began to think about how great it would be for all leaders to do the same thing for their teams.

By having a dive master that preformed the pre-dive briefing professionally and with authority, I found myself comfortable and able to enjoy the dive. I also found that he continued to get my attention and ask how I was doing.

We as leaders should treat our teams as though we were leading a scuba-diving trip. We should make sure that everyone on our team makes it safely back to the boat, we should continue to ask each team member if they are doing ok and have them provide us a clear and understandable response.

Most of all our leadership should allow the team to feel comfortable and allow them to enjoy being part of our team.

This week’s experiment is to look at your team as though you were their dive master. Do they have enough air? Do they feel comfortable or do they have an ear squeeze? (you might have to look that one up)

Until next week, The Pool Is Open!