Aftermarket Rims

This past week while skimming the newspaper (website), I came across an article titled “Five extras that lower the car’s worth – and five that will add value”.
Since I have a love for cars, I decided to spend some time reading the article. After all, I have always been told that cars begin to loose their value as soon as the leave the showroom floor. So anything I could learn about how I could stop the depreciation would help.
Once I finished reading the article, I realized that someone should write the same article about team members. It should something like “Five extras that can lower a team member’s worth – and five that will add value.”
It would seem that every leader would be attracted to the list and the value of team members would be skyrocketing almost overnight.
So…. you guessed it. I have decided to write such an article to assist adding value to your team members.

Extras that might lower a team member’s value:

  1. Pro/high-end hi-fi and stereos systems: Spending time getting your team to talk like you, or say what you want them to say might cause them to loose their originality.
  2. ‘Personal’ or unusual car colors: Spending time getting all of your team members to look a special way, or the way that you want them to look, might cause them to have low self-esteem.
  3. Fancy and expensive leather trim options: While holding out for the team member that looks like the perfect person might not be what for the team. That team member might “feel” right but in the end they might not add any value to the team.
  4. Fancy climate control systems: Spending time creating the right environment might cause the team to think you are manipulating them or the situation.
  5. Alloy wheels: Sometimes we spend time, energy and money making the team “look good” from a distance without improving the team.

Extras that will add value to a team member:


  1. Installing a sat-nav system: Being a leader that provides direction and vision will allow the team member to focus on their gifts instead of worrying about what is around the next corner.
  2. Regular maintenance and cleaning: Spending the necessary time to focus on each team member lets them know that you care.
  3. Bluetooth: First, everything is better with Bluetooth. Seriously though, creating effortless methods of communication helps all team members. Make sure that the communication works both ways. They need to hear and also be heard.
  4. Basic park distance control: Make sure that each team member has the necessary space they need to perform. Sometimes people need to be close together and sometimes they need space. As a leader, make sure to watch out for collisions.
  5. Power seven way seat options: Remember that each team is made up of team members of difference sizes and shapes. Make sure that each person feels comfortable in the environment.

These are not the magic steps for the perfect team, however; they are steps that will help you be a better leader and help add value to your team.

This week’s experiment: Add value to each of your team members.