Have you ever wished that your team, or a team member, could just read your mind? Wouldnt it be so much easier to communicate if your thoughts could just magically pass into the minds of those you lead? It does not matter if you are leading a group of third graders, your own children or an entire church. This one method would make leadership a cakewalk.

At first this sounds like pure gold. I am sure that some of you might even say something like “show me this Kickstarter page”, I am willing to back this new technology with some serious cash.

Well, here is the reality check. This does not exist, and even if it did I am not sure that I would want my team reading my thoughts all of the time. When the first thought that comes to mind after a team member presents their new idea is “this is the most stupid thing I have ever heard”, I am positive that this is a thought that needs to stay tucked into my “things better left unsaid” folder.

The interesting part is that I have also heard team members make wishes about the same idea. We have all wished at one time, or another that our boss or our leader could clearly understand our idea or our position.

I make these points for one reason. Communication. Communication is the key to leadership. It is the key to relationships; it is the key to customer service. We all need to learn that others can not read our minds, so we need to effectively communicate our message in a way that others understand.

This week’s experiment; in just one of your relationships, let’s try to communicate well. Without requiring them to read our minds.