So I trust that everyone is having a great day, and you are living up to your full leadership potential.

I am not sure if you have ever had this dilemma but recently I had to choose between two things, the problem was that both were good.

Most of the time I am good at making choices but when it comes to things like Oreos or Chips Ahoy, sports drink or water, or butter or margarine, I just get stumped.

After all, if no one was in the room and there on the counter was two cookies, a crisp, clean Oreo and right beside it was a Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookie, which would I choose. You guessed it; I would take both.

In my car right now, in the center console, is both a water bottle and also a sports drink. As for the butter or margarine, well really I don’t care. Unless the butter is hard, then I take the softest.

My point is that most of the time, I choose both. Can you ever have to much of a good thing?

Well, that is what I am writing you about this morning. One of my failures is that I treat good ideas like cookies. I can always add one more to my plate.

Leaders with my personality never say no. We never want to let others down so we agree to do everything. This leads to our team getting neglected and abused. Leaders need recognize the need to stay focused on what is most important.

If we are able to do this then we are able to stick to the main purpose of leadership, building and strengthening the team.

This week’s experiment; choose the cookie that you really want and then devour it!