Since the summer has unofficially begun, with Memorial Day this week and the pool now open, it reminded me of one of my favorite childhood trips.

When I was a child, I loved going to get ice cream. My favorite place to go was a place that carried many difference flavors, 31 to be exact. It was a great place because they had these little spoons, and you could ask them for a sample. The young college student behind the counter that held the little spoon of happiness would reach into the big tub and give the smallest bit of the frozen sweetness, just enough to wet your appetite.

I would stand in front of the counter and look into each tub and with the little spoon still in my mouth I would mumble “um, how about that one” and point to another flavor for a sample. Looking back at those moments now, I must have made the people behind me very angry as I failed to make a decision, just sampling everything that was in front of me.

That is exactly what some leaders, including me, do to those who are following them. The spend a lot of time getting samples of everything that is in front of them and refuse to make a decision. While at first this might sound like a great way to avoid the wrong choice, what we are doing is failing to make a decision.

There will always be many good choices that we as leaders face every day, however, we must choose.

This weeks experiment; try to avoid spending so much time in the decision making process. You are called to lead, trust your instincts and those valued team members around you. Even if you end up with Sorbet, admit you were wrong and go back for the Chocolate Fudge.