I wanted to go ahead and take this moment to share something about myself, sort of like a blog-confessional. I have been told that if I do something like this my life will be better, and I can begin the long path of healing.

So here goes. I have a few strange, quirky habits that some would call “issues.” One of those centers around eating utensils. You see I am very picky about the fork that I eat with, so much that I carry my own fork with me.


Now some would say think that it is because of cleanliness or something like that, well it is because I like a three pronged fork. A trident.

Well, I do feel a little better now. Thanks.

The other day I went out for lunch, and I noticed the three different utensils that were neatly wrapped up in my napkin. I spent a quick moment saying a prayer that I would open them up and there would be a shiny, sanitized stainless steel three pronged fork.

You guessed it, no such luck. So there I sat, my meal in front of me with a knife, spoon, and fork with an extra prong. It is at this moment that a leadership lesson jumped into my head.

As leaders, we have a choice to make when it comes to our team. We can wish for what we don’t have, or we can use the team members that we have. Even then we are faced with other choices. We can choose to not allow the team member with the extra prong to be part project. We can just leave that team member out and choose to use a knife to eat our salad.

People might look at us strangely, and it might not be the ideal method to accomplish the task but we will be making our point.

This week’s experiment; look at your team closely. Is there someone that you are not using because they do not fit your “ideal” view of a team member? They are on your team so use them.