This week I spent a lot of time with a lot of Christian leaders at a conference. During one of my many conversations about leadership, I was reminded of  something I wrote a while ago so I wanted to sort of do a “throw back Thursday” type of thing. So here it goes,

From 2/13

As I was reading this week, I came across something that really spoke to me so as usual I wanted to share it with you. I was reading an article on the Christ like model of developing leaders. The article reminded me that every leader that we read about in scripture, those that God uses to further His kingdom, are leaders that were not qualified. They also had made many mistakes which should have disqualified them for the position. Jesus saw the potential in those He placed in positions of leadership. Just think about it, Jesus took a risk on the disciples, including their leader Peter. Jesus continued to see the potential of Peter as he spoke out of turn or with his foot in his mouth. Even Barnabas chose Paul who was a persecutor of the early Christians. We can look back at many key characters throughout our rich church history and see names like, Abraham, Moses, David, Gideon and the list could go on. I could use many cliche sayings about how God enables the called instead of calling the enabled. While that might make a nice t-shirt it also seems a little like we are marketing God. I think a better thought would be that we have value to God regardless of how we have messed up. It is also important to know that the qualification that all of us need is the faith we have in Jesus. While it is also important to get an education and experience in life, if we are not careful we can easily slip into thinking “look what we have accomplished”. We also should notice that the leadership positions that God calls us into will require God as the key qualification. Where I work I have one of the employee that is in a leadership position who has made many mistakes over the past years. What is important is that even though many mistakes have been made, they have learned from them and grown into a key leader. I would be lying and tell you that I have not gotten angry or that I have overlooked the mistakes. (There is a story about that, just ask me about it next time you see me.) I will tell you that our relationship is stronger and they are very important to the operation. I am not saying that all of my actions have been perfect but I do know that I keep focusing on this employee as God sees them. I hope that each of you remember that neither your mistakes nor your qualifications should hold you back from the calling that Jesus has placed on your life. Pursue every possibility and when an opportunity closes then remember that there will be more. You only fail when you stop trying. Read about Peter throughout the book of Mark. Learn from the leader of the disciples. Jesus knows your potential.