One of the things that I get to do, and something that I enjoy is spend time talking about leadership with young leaders. It was after one of these discussions that one of the students asked me an interesting question. I thought that I would share the question and also some of my thoughts.

The question is a simple one; “As a leader, how do you make someone do something?”

Wow, talking about the key question for any leader, the answer to that question is the one that I have searched many of leadership books trying to find. Since I have been unable to find that answer, I thought that I would just provide it for those of you who are kind enough to read my blog.

Here goes……. you can’t.

As a boss you might be able to bribe someone to do something, using their paycheck or the actual job for leverage but that is not leadership. You might be able to manipulate someone to do something but again, that is not leadership.

Leadership isn’t about bossing or telling people what to do. Leadership is about sharing a vision about something you are passionate about with others. Once others catch the passion, and they have ownership of the vision and only then do they join in with your leadership to accomplish the goal.

Real leaders care about the people that they are leading and are concerned about their well being.

As leaders, we must understand that others have a better chance of catching our passion and sharing the vision when we see them as more than objects that we boss around and make do something.

I thought that I would share two definitions to finish this blog;
Boss – a person who exercises control or authority over someone.
Leader – a person who guides or who has a commanding influence.

This week’s experiment; be less of a boss and more of a leader.