Recently during a conversation dealing with developing a team, the discussion reminded me of something that I wanted to pass along.
You see most of the questions that I get asked about leadership deals with working with team members, or how to get them.

I wanted to pass along an important piece of information, just because you have a crowd of people walking everywhere you go does not necessarily mean that you have followers.

Way back when I took drivers education I learned a new term, “rubberneckers.” A loose definition of a rubbernecker is – a close observer; someone who looks at something.

You see this person when there is a wreck on the side of the road. They are not interested in helping, they are just curious as to what is going on at the accident. So they slow progress and sometimes cause more accidents.

As leaders, we will run across the same type of person, and they disguise themselves as team members. They end up causing the same type of a traffic jam as they do when they are on the road and in certain circumstances they will stop all progress.

We as leaders need to understand that team members should be contributing towards the goal. If you have people on your team that are not contributing, and instead are causing a road block, you might be infected with a case of rubberneckidus.

The cure for this type of disease is to politely tell them that there is nothing to see here, keep it moving. Even on the highway when there are workers working, others will slow down just to watch.

This week’s experiment is to take a good look at your team and try to rid the team of any road blockers. De-rubberneck the team, and allow persuade them to keep moving.