I have heard it said that character can be defined by what you do, or how you act, when no one is looking. While this might be a great beginning of the definition, I am not sure that I would stop there.
I could surely spend some time discussing the definition of the word Character, I just mentioned it as something to build on.

You see while character might be something of how you act when no one is looking, I believe that leaders must have a good reputation.

This leads us to try and define the word reputation when it comes to leadership. A reputation is something that all of us have, even if we don’t want one. It is what people think about you when you are not around. It is what your team thinks of you when you walk away for a moment.

Leadership requires strong character and also a good reputation. For your team to follow you, you must have their respect and they must think highly of you. This is all built on the foundation of a good reputation.

I am reminded of something that took place in the history of the early church. In the book of Acts, the disciples were having problems with how fast the church was growing, and there started to be some complaining among the people. Because of this, the disciples gathered up the people and decided that they needed help. They created a short job description for the role of leaders, helpers to assist in the ministry. One of the first things that they listed on the short job description is a good reputation.

It does not matter if you are in ministry or if you are in the public, when it comes to leadership, a good reputation is the foundation for great leadership.

This week’s experiment is to take a survey of your reputation. What do people say about you when you are not around? What does your team think of you as a leader?