Following up on the foundation of leadership, I thought it would be best to continue over the next few weeks on essentials that are needed in leadership.

While it is my opinion that your reputation is the foundation, I would add that Honesty a key component for that reputation. Honesty is a key characteristic of leadership because is should be the basis of every action.

In a leadership role, honesty is something larger than not telling a lie. Honesty is better described as being transparent without any hidden agendas. You see a leader can walk the thin line of not telling a lie and claiming to be honest; however, their actions might be deceitful, or they might have a hidden agenda.

This might meet the criteria of never telling a lie, but they are by no means being honest. That is why an honest leader who lives a life of transparency can build a team that will trust and follow their leadership when the going gets tough.

As leaders, we should hold ourselves to very high standards especially when you are responsible for a team of people. The team will model the personality and ethics of a leader. Your team is a reflection of yourself, and if you make honesty a key value, your team will follow suit.

This week’s experiment; Are you being honest and transparent as a leader? If not, what do you need to change to become more honest?