I wanted to share another foundational part of leadership today. That is the ability to delegate, or what I like to call “dumping your responsibilities onto others.”Ok, that is not what it means however that is how some people understand delegation.

Taking your vision, building a team that has the same passions, and striving towards that goal is the simple view of great leadership. What is missing in this brief description is the individual gifts that each team member brings to the team.

I like to use an analogy of an operating room where a patient is there on the operating table, and numerous medical professionals are standing around him. That surgery is only successful when each person uses their skills and gifts while allowing the others to do the same. There would be no way for one person to do everything, nor would you want your heart surgeon and the anesthesiologist to decide to switch places for the day.

Leaders understand that each team member brings a special gift to the team, great leaders then delegates roles and responsibilities to those who are gifted in that area.

The key to this delegation is to recognize the strengths and gifts of each team member. Delegation not only prove to your team that you trust and believe in them, but will also allow you to focus more on those areas that you are gifted.

This week’s experiment is to evaluate your delegation process. Are you allowing your team to excel in the areas that they are gifted?