Knock Knock!
Who’s there?

Ok, I am not going to tell you a joke however I would like to discuss a little comedy. Well not really comedy, more like humor.

In following my recent pattern of characteristics of a leader, the next character that is needed is a strong sense of humor.

Now I am not talking about telling jokes, or being able to make fun of your team, but more of the ability to disarm conflicts and lighten the mood.

While there are times when being serious is necessary, there are also times when a leader needs to manage the emotions of the team and avoid panic. I have found that the best way to accomplish this is insert humor. There are times when a team member makes a mistake and is expecting to be confronted. In a situation like this, a leader with the ability to provide humor to the situation can defuse the situation, relay confidence in the team member, and also get past the mistake.

A leader that can laugh at themselves can appear more confident and also attracts confidence from others. This does not mean that you make fun of yourself or others on your team. It means that being able to be less serious all of the time creates a pleasant and productive atmosphere.

If you are not fortunate enough to have a sense of humor, you can develop one. Start by developing a good smile and laugh. This will take a long period of consistent self-conscious efforts.

I also know that this might seem like strange for me to say, but I think it needs saying. Joke telling must be done with considerable care. Don’t tell jokes that putdown any group – no ethnic, no mother-in-law jokes, etc. You will lose more than you will win with such jokes.

This week’s experiment: Try to lighten up the mood.

Just to provide an extra piece of humor, here is a joke for you.

What did the Vegetable Preacher say to his church?

 Lettuce pray!