Imagine that you are on a football team. It is less than 2 min left in the game, and your team kicks a field goal to put you up by three points. Your team kicks off, and the other team runs the kickoff back for a touchdown.

Imagine your feelings in those few seconds. Just think how you could go from excitement to apathetic so quickly. That is when your leader, your coach comes into the picture.

So continue with this imagination game and imagine that your team is all on the sidelines and your leader, your coach is getting ready to speak. It is in that moment that profound words begin to come out of his mouth.

“I can’t believe that you let that happen! We have no chance to win this game now! We had the game in our grasps, and you just threw it away!”

Part of our role as leaders is to maintain the team morale. This happens by maintaining confidence, and being able to assure everyone that setbacks are going to happen. The important thing is to focus on the goal. Leaders need to remain calm and confident. This helps keep the team feeling the same. Remember, your team will takes the personality of the leader, so if you exude a level of confidence, your team will do the same. The objective is to keep everyone working towards the goal.

This week’s experiment; Examine your body language and also how you are speaking to the team. Are you exuding confidence or a defeated attitude?