As we continue this train of thought on the foundations of leadership, the next thing that needs to be addressed is your attitude.

When I was growing up I used to hear that a lot, “you better check your attitude young man!” After all, what exactly does that mean. I know you can check your oil, you can check to see if you soiled your underwear after a very scary roller coaster ride, but how do you check your attitude?Is there a meter or a dipstick somewhere that you pull out and look at the level of sarcasm and annoyance?

Through my all of the wisdom that comes with “growing up” I have found that that statement really means that your attitude has been checked, and it sucks.

So what happens now that we have grown up, and we stop hearing those words? Is it that we now have straightened our attitudes out, or is it that no one has the guts to look us in the eyes and tell us that our attitude is bad? I think as leaders we know that answer.

A leader’s attitude is a huge part of the personality and energy that spills over to the team. If what is spilling over is positive and supportive then the team will be more productive and enjoy being in your presence. If however you the negative Nancy type of leader, it is far less likely that others will be productive or want to follow your leadership. It is also important to know that a positive attitude is not something to delegate. You can’t rely on someone else to do this for you—you the leader, it has to come from you.

As you lead your team try to find something positive in every situation. Even a bad situation could be positive if you learned something from it. And yes, going through difficult times does build character.

I heard once that a bad attitude is like a flat tire; you can go further faster if you change it.

This week’s experiment is to check your attitude. Is your soiled attitude destroying the team?