So, as we continue on this path where we focus on the foundations of leadership, I wanted to discuss another foundational skill. That is the skill of creativity.

You have all heard that when life gives you lemons you should make lemonade, but is that really creative? What if you were to make something else?

I mean, making lemonade will just mean you will be following the crowd. You could always make your lemonade special but where is the creativity in that? The world needs new options, and it is leaders that will forge the way.

When it comes to leadership, the circumstances might not have solutions that are clear-cut. You and your team might need to step outside of the box area and be forced to think creatively. I know that for some of you this will be challenging. Some of you do not have a creative bone in your body, however, it is during these times that your time will look to you for direction.

It is important for you to practice thinking outside of the proverbial box.
Some ways to practice thinking this way don’t immediately make a choice that is the easiest or the first one that comes to mind.

This week’s experiment is simple but very hard. Make at least one decision by thinking outside of the box. Be creative.

Oh yea, here are some other uses for a lemon in case the world gives you a load of lemons, and you are not thirsty.

Deodorize Your Garbage
If your garbage is beginning to smell yucky, here’s an easy way to deodorize it: Save leftover lemon and orange peels and toss them at the base under the bag. To keep it smelling fresh, repeat once every couple of weeks.

Create Blonde Highlights
For salon-worthy highlights, add 1/4 cup lemon juice to 3/4 cup water and rinse your hair with the mixture. Then, sit in the sun until your hair dries. To maximize the effect, repeat once daily for up to a week.

Make a Room Scent/Humidifier
Freshen and moisturize the air in your home on dry winter days. Make your room scent that also doubles as a humidifier. If you have a wood-burning stove, place an enameled cast-iron pot or bowl on top, fill with water and add lemon (and/or orange) peels, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and apple skins. No wood-burning stove? Use your stovetop instead and just simmer the water periodically.

Clean and Whiten Nails
Pamper your hands without a manicurist. Add the juice of 1/2 lemon to 1 cup warm water and soak your fingertips in the mixture for 5 minutes. After pushing back the cuticles, rub some lemon peel back and forth against the nail.