I have recently noticed a flaw with the rest of the world that I need to vent about. I appreciate you stopping the blog so I can get a little frustration off of my chest so thanks for your understanding and read on.

You see the problem that I see is a simple one to both understand and also it is very simple to fix. The problem has to deal with an idea, my idea.

Being a good leader requires creativity and also the ability to get the team moving when the team becomes stagnate. This skill will require the ability to have ideas.

Now when you, as a leader, comes up with a great idea there will be a problem that arises out of nowhere. You will notice the problem very quickly. It is when others on the team try to come up with other ideas and not accept yours, which will obviously always be the best. And there you have it, the beginning of anarchy, the beginning of the end. The next thing you know others will begin to think that they are important and that their opinion matters.

You will need to address this problem very quickly and in a manner that reveals to everyone on the team who the “Big Kahuna” truly is. In order to accomplish this task, I have decided to provide you with the three greatest methods I use to accomplish this goal.
1. Ask the culprit “On what planet does that sound like a good idea? Oh yea, I know. Planet Stupid!”
2. Tell the glory hog something like “Ideas like that remind me why I am the leader and you…. well you know!”
3. Try to explain, as if you were speaking to a deaf pre-schooler, all of the flaws in the idea.
4. Or, the best and most productive way, just ignore the person as if they were not even in the room.

By following any or all of the above suggestions, you will guarantee team culture that will not include trust or communication. It will however allow the team to truly understand the type of person you are and allow you to avoid long Christmas lists. It will allow your team to recognize their place and understand that in the end you really don’t value them. When it all boils down to it, why do you need a team in the first place?

As we end this week’s blog on leadership, I want you to know that this is my idea, and if you have another one, well you are wrong!

This week’s leadership experiment: Think about the last time your team came up with an idea. Were you open to listening to other ideas other than your own? If not then you might just be following the above plan on team building.