It’s all about Me!

Years ago we did a summer camp where the theme for the week was King Me. To emphasize the theme we created a character that acted like everything about the week centered around him. I remember very clearly how ridiculous it seemed when parts of the schedule could not begin until he arrived. We could not eat our meals unless he got his meals first. You get the picture.

The goal of creating a character was to show how some of us actually acted in our everyday life. For some reason, it seems natural for us to assume that the world orbits around our own ideas and our schedule.

If there were virus that spreads can easily through the life of a leader, that virus is called MeNotU and it is deadly to the organism called a team.

Leaders are passionate about their vision and goals which are why they are called leaders. May times it is because of this drive that others on the team become passionate and the team is successful. Often that same drive and passion lowers the immune system and allows the MeNotU virus to latch on to the ego cell. From that point on it spreads like the SuperFlu. I wanted to share a warning and also provide you with some of the symptoms. Those symptoms include, but not limited to, the following.

Failure to hear – One of the first symptoms is the failure to listen to others on the team. While words will be said by team members, the host body will not be able to understand or hear what is being said.

Loss of compassion – Another clear symptom is failing to recognize other people’s emotions and feelings. Exhaustion and fatigue will not be evident to a leader carrying the virus.

Taking advantage of others – This symptom coincides with with the loss of compassion. Due to the lack of recognition from the leader of emotions or feelings, the leader with the virus will use their position as a tool to manipulate the team members.

While there are many other symptoms, there is one more that I must warn you about. That is Believing that you’re better than others. When this virus takes over the brain of the leader, they will slowly believe that they are better, and more important, than all others on the team.

This week’s experiment: Get a check up! If you notice any of these symptoms in your leadership style, consider reaching out to a trusted friend or mental health provider. Getting the right treatment can help make your leadership style more enjoyable and also make your team more successful . Be sure to get your immunization shot of humility, so your team remains healthy.