For the next few weeks, as we wind down the year, I wanted to step out on the proverbial limb and share one leadership mistake that I have made during the week. Now I know that you are probably asking yourself “how is he ever going to choose which mistake he is going to write about?” That is a good question, and I will answer it this way, I have plenty of material so I will just choose the biggest mistake that week.

To start off, I will need you to light some candles and put on some smooth jazz as you read the rest of this blog. I will need you to dim the lights and allow me to share my feelings. I have a friend who now works with zoo animals that would be happy knowing that I have reached the point of sharing my deepest feelings. #becca

The leadership flaw that I will discuss is that of allowing your emotions to cloud you thinking. One thing that I sometimes have a problem with is allowing my emotions play a part in my decision-making process. When I am getting dressed in the morning, and I put my leadership cape on, I need to make sure that I am not wearing my emotions on my sleeve.

I have found that when my emotions are playing a part of my decision-making process, that is when I lose control, and rational thinking gets thrown out of the window. As leaders, we need to make sure that our team witnesses that we can maintain our composure and handle the task at hand without going off of the reservation.

One of the best ways that I have found to control my emotional outburst is to recognize when I am acting out of an emotional state and then try to avoid making quick decisions during that time. The other two steps are very critical, so critical that they both should be called “First steps.”

First, I try to remember to see the bigger picture. This is a hard one because one of the first things that happens when emotions get involved is that your vision gets impaired. You stop seeing big picture and begin to focus on the right now. Great leaders are always able to remain focused on the end goal or the big picture.

And then First, I try to remember to have faith on my team. A great leader should understand that emotions will cloud their thinking, and they trust the opinions and decisions of the team. Leaders understand that establishing a great team will be a key factor when it comes to decision making.

So in wrapping up this weeks leadership blog, I want you to avoid getting all emotional and freaking out. Instead, go to your local hot beverage shop and order some chamomile tea and just chill out.

This week’s experiment: Ask yourself if you are allowing emotions to control your decision making? If so, just stop that. Have some tea.