In continuing with a list of my leadership mistakes, I want to move right into another big one for me, that is maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude.
John Maxwell states this in his book Developing the leaders around you, “ A positive attitude is one of the most valuables assets a person can have in life.”

Have you ever been around one of those people that always seem to see the bug floating in a glass of water? You know what I am talking about, you are out spending an adventurous day with some friends, and you get thirsty. Right then out of the corner of your eye you spot your oasis, a glass of water left by some good Samaritan. You do the next natural thing, and you begin to drink the succulent delicacy.
Right before you quench your thirst, your friend points out the flaws with the whole idea.

It is at this point when your leadership skill of maintaining a PMA will come into play. A positive attitude can calm the chaos and establish the correct course of action, even if there is a strong vibe of negativity. Others on the team will feed off the positive attitude and continue to move into the right direction. The goal will be to maintain focus and build positive momentum.

Now I have to be honest with you and let you know that this is not something that I always get right. I have a tendency to be very critical. Having this critical eye and also having a strong personality allows me to destroy the momentum of almost any team in a very short time.

I have found that there are a few steps that I use to help me maintain a PMA. I will share a few of those with you.

  • Stay focused on the goal and do not get sidetracked on your personal agenda.
    It is easy to allow your personal feelings to change your attitude
  • Don’t try to solve every “What If” that is brought up in the meeting.
    It is good to be creative and ask the “What if” question, but that is the creative part of leadership. When it becomes the question that needs solving, things will become overwhelming.
  • Make sure to fill your team with positive (but realistic) people.
    I have found that I need to surround myself with other positive people. But those people can not be just “yes people.” They have to be trustworthy and honest.
  • Remember the blessings and the good stuff.
    The best way I have found to maintain a PMA is to remember all of the good things that are going on. It just helps to be positive when you focus on positive things.

This week’s experiment: How is your attitude? Are you focused on the bug, or the fact that you can quench your thirst?