I once had the opportunity to participate with a martial arts exhibit where the guy laid down on a bed of nails, and I broke a block that he had on his chest with a sledgehammer.

Now I know that there are many of you that are thinking to yourself, “I want a bed of nails to lay on. Where can I get one of those?” That leads me to my leadership point for the week, laying on a bed of nails.

I know that in my many years of walking on the earth, I have stepped on my share of nails. When I was younger my dad was a builder, and I grew up on construction sites. Because of this “opportunity” I would occasionally step on a board with a nail sticking out of it. The natural reaction would be to get off of the nail as soon as I could.

The mere idea of someone that willingly tortures themselves by laying on a bed of nails puzzles me and causes me to question their sanity. The problem is that those people exist. There are some people that truly enjoy torturing themselves and in turn they end up sharing their misery with all of those that are around them.

In the leadership world you will, not might, come across team members that create problems just because they like to torture themselves. They will procrastinate, destroy team chemistry or just create disasters at ever turn. It is like they are creating their bed of nails to show how much torture they can take.

As leaders, we must understand that our role is to remove those sideshow freaks from our team. It might be fun to watch, however, when it comes to team building and accomplishing goals, they have no place on a quality team.

The problem is that due to the popularity that comes with a walking wreck, this type of team members normally steal the heart of the whole team. After all, they are always the underdog because their world is always crumbling around them. Removing them from the team becomes a problem because it is like you are kicking the team puppy.

Let me provide you a small piece of leadership wisdom that will help you for years to come. Leadership is hard, so suck it up and make the hard decisions.

This week’s experiment is not a simple one. Look at your team and find out if you have someone that enjoys laying on a bed of nails. If you do then…… well you know what to do.