Over the Christmas holidays, a friend of mine had to go to the emergency room due to an accident. The ingredients for this accident included a curio cabinet, a middle school boy, and an amazing set of parents.

While waiting to see the doctor, the injury on the young man’s hand was bleeding, and there came a time when a bandage needed to be placed on the wound by the amazing mother.

It is during this time when I witnessed something that can only be described as a cross between Spiderman and a Ninja. Right there before my eyes at the speed of light this mother sprang into action. Leaping into action with the speed of a superhero and the grace of a gazelle, before I could understand what had happened, the bandage was on the young man’s hand and she was comfortably sitting back in her spot. I witnessed a move that was made with both confidence, authority and precision.

At first I just thought that I would just tell you the story but this is a leadership blog so let me tell you how this pertains to leadership.

Great leaders respond with confidence, and they are decisive. They can speak with conviction, confidence, and authority. They can respond in a way that allows their team members to have sense that everything is under control.

No team member will ever admit that they enjoy having a leader that is afraid, or unwilling, to make a decision. Being the leader will require you to act just like the mother in my story. You will be required to act with confidence, authority, and precision.

This week’s experiment. Evaluate your decision-making skills. Are you being a limp noodle, or just avoiding the hard decisions? If so, suck it up and make the decisions.