The following blog was written by a student that attended one of my Leadership Labs. The writing was in response to the question “How would you define leadership?”

Leadership isn’t always east. It can normally be hard and tedious work. Leadership is the act of creating, starting, guiding, and finishing a team though a chosen process. You must choose your team based on their abilities. So even if you want all your closest friends on a team it may not work out. Leadership is also knowing to take fault, not to blame it on others. If something goes wrong, it is up to the leader to try their best to fix it. Leadership also is listening to your teams ideas first. Leadership is pushing your team in the right direction without threats or bribery. Sometimes you will need to remove or swap out a person on your team, for a good reason. Leadership is sharing a laugh with your team. It is enabling each person on your team to reach their goal. It is up to you to be forgiving to mistakes. Leadership is a lot of trusts. It knows you and your team can do what’s needed. Leadership is allowing help from outside resources if needed. Leadership is being an example to people in your team and others seeing your teams work. Leadership is SERVING your team, treating them better than you. Leadership is being open to anything. This is leadership.
– Carina J.