The following blog was written by a student that attended one of my Leadership Labs. The writing was in response to the question “How would you define leadership?”

The Google definition of leadership is this: “The action of leading a group of people or an organization”. What makes someone a good leader? It is based on five factors when looking at leadership from a Christian perspective. First part of being a leader is to put Christ first, not matter the objective, no matter the task, Christ needs to be first. Without this, you would never be successful. Secondly, you need to create or follow an inspiring vision of the future. Third, you must motivate and inspire people to engage with the vision. Fourth, you need to manage the delivery of the vision. Last, you must coach and build a team so that it is more effective in achieving the vision. Leaders should be humble, and they should listen to their followers because their take on something can often be better than yours. Leaders often are too prideful to take ideas from others, which can lead to failure too often. Just remember: you are not perfect.
– Zachary P.