The following blog was written by a student that attended one of my Leadership Labs. The writing was in response to the question “How would you define leadership?”
According to the dictionary definition, Leadership is the action of leading a group of people or organization. However, leadership does not have one size fits all. Leadership can be defined differently for everyone. The way I see it is leadership is a God given gift. You can not just wake a book teaching you how to be a leader and BOOM.. it doesn’t work like that. Don’t get me wrong anyone can be a leader…but the thing about that is not everyone can be a positive or a “good” leader. You see leadership is having the ability to inspire and connect with others. To encourage and guide a group of individuals that work together as ONE to ultimately achieve one thing they are all passionate about. The leadership role can be played anywhere. For example your boss at work ..or your principal at school..but that doesn’t mean those people want to be there. Or they genuinely have a vision for whom they are leading. It can just be a position that they are in because a piece of paper says they are qualified. It’s your heart that has to be in it. Leadership in my eyes is when someone with Genuine passion and positivity mentors and guides a group of individual people in unity to strive towards a specific goal. Leadership is not just about dictating what to do and how to do it, or all about the end result, and that’s all that the leader is mindful about. NO leadership is about reaching that goal and along with that journey comes life lessons..relationships grow.. people connect.
– Neena R.