Have you ever thought that your list of friends has to many names on it? I mean if you go to your Facebook page, you can see under the tab marked “friends” there is a number. How can someone have that many “friends”? There must be some easy way to reduce the names on that list.

Well, I want to help you with reducing the number of people on that list. At first this might seem like a task filled with letters and explanations however it is much simpler than you might expect. It all begins with you becoming a stronger leader.

You see, there are few things that will reduce your list of friends quicker than when you take the role of a strong leader. I want to share a few steps necessary to reduce your Christmas card list, your birthday card list or any other list that would require you inviting your so called friends to join.

First, as the leader you will need to recognize that you are the most important person on the team. This small recognition will add the necessary arrogance and self-confidence that helps your team understand where they stand and how they should see you when you walk into the room.

Next, do your best to take all of the credit for ideas and accomplishments that might come to your team’s direction. After all, it is your great leadership that allowed them to be creative and explore the possibilities. They are nothing without you so if there is any admiration, you should get it.

In addition to the above ideas, you should also let them know where they stand on the ladder of success. Make sure that the team knows that there is an order of importance. It is not enough to let them know that you are important; you also need to let them know where they fit in the order of importance. Be sure to point out that you are the leader, and they are not. Try to point that out as many times as possible.

Lastly, we need to talk about an important word. It is the word that a great team needs to be familiar with. That word is humility. It is important that you make sure that your team understands it’s meaning and also the importance. You will need to point out when the team does not have it and when they become pretentious.

I hope that you can read through the sarcasm and understand that everything that I am staying will create a disaster when it comes to leadership. The things that I mentioned are reasons that leaders lose friends and that teams fall apart. Please understand that by following these strategies, you will not only lose friends but you will also fail as a leader.

The three things necessary to maintain friendships when it comes to leadership all can be summed up by our important word. Humility. This is the understanding the importance of others, not the importance of yourself.

Leaders need to understand that it is the team that is important, not the individual. Regardless if you are the leader. When it comes to ideas, nothing should make a leader happier than seeing a team member have a successful idea. It should be celebrated and rewarded. Those things that are rewarded get repeated.

Your friends and your team need to know how important they are. You can never go to far when it comes to letting those on your team know how important they are. After all, you would be nothing without them.

This week’s experiment; Does your team know how important that they are to you? Do your friends understand how much you appreciate them?