Today boys and girls, I wanted to teach you a game. It is a game that I like play when the team gets bogged down. I think that you will enjoy this game very much. So here is how it is.

The name of the game is “What if?” and the rules are pretty simple. You begin by taking a subject that you have been bogged down with and then just add the phrase “What if”? Once the statement has been stated, you then go around the room and each person on the team has to state the phrase with an answer to the question. Let’s take a look at an example.

Let’s say that Kevin is having a problem reaching his goal of handing out rocks. This has become a point of frustration for others on the team that requires you as the leader to step in and relieve some of the tension. At this point, you ask the team to relax and play a game.

After you describe the “What if” game, you then might ask the following question. “As you might know already, Kevin has run into a few hurdles while he was handing out his rocks. At this point, you ask a person on the team to answer this question, “What if Kevin _____________?”

During the game, the only rule is that the answers can’t be verbally abusive to the fellow teammate. It will be your responsibility to keep things fun and also positive. After all a suggestion such as “What if Kevin left the team” does not make this a fun game.

On a serious note, one responsibility of a leader is to create an environment where creativity and fun are part of the process. There are times in all of our lives where we get stumped and are out of ideas. When the team realizes that it is a safe place to voice these frustrations and that other teammates will assist in coming up with a solution, the team functions better.

Today’s experiment is a fun one. What if you put this into practice today? What if this became part of your everyday practice on coming up with solutions to problems? What if __________________?