I have decided to take this time and discuss a little horticulture with you. After all discussing leadership, all of the time can become a little boring.

While on an afternoon walk the other day, I noticed something that seemed strange. I was taking a walk through a local park when I noticed that there was no grass or undergrowth taking place under the large pine trees. Growing up in East Texas, I have seen my share of pine trees. In thinking back on my growing up, I can’t ever remember seeing any green grass under the canopy of one of those pine trees.

So, I pulled out my smart device and turned to my smart friend Google. This is what I found out; pine trees create an area of extreme shade, there is a lack of moisture, usually a heavy layer of pine needles, and the pine tree produces an area of extreme acidity. However the biggest challenge is a lack of moisture, as a pine tree can create a solid rain shield underneath its branches.

Just think about that for a moment, this tree that is doing what comes natural ends up creating an environment where it is difficult, at best, for anything to grow.

You can probably see where I am going with this line of thinking. Sometimes we as leaders can create an unhealthy environment where growth from our team is almost impossible. As a leader, our job is to create an environment for healthy growth from those on our team. Protection from the elements is not always a good thing.

This week’s experiment is to see if you are creating an environment healthy growth? Are your team members growing? What can you do to ensure healthy growth?