Recently I have been involved with a lot of conversations where the topic of leadership has been our only subject. It was one of the conversations that brought me to today’s message, Getting an “I” exam. I read this following statement;

“True leadership isn’t found seeking the spotlight, but seeking to shine the spotlight on others. The best leaders only use “I” when accepting responsibility for failures. Likewise, they are quick to use “we” when referring to successes.” Mike Myatt from Forbes Magazine

If you could imagine watching a Broadway play. The lights go dim, and the curtain gets pulled back. And there on the stage is the star begins his act. Your eyes see every move, hear every sound. The reason that you see so clearly is that the spotlight is shining right on him.

As a leader, our job is to man the spotlight. We are to be the ones that shine the light on our team. We are to help them hit their marks, say their lines, and nail the part. And most importantly we are the ones that bow the lowest.

In the past, I have had the opportunity to be part of a team where the focus was more on the success of the leader than it was the success of the team. From a leadership perspective, the focus was more about “I” than we. It is not a very excitable adventure to be on a team like that.

This week’s experiment is for you to take an “I” exam. As the leader of a team, is your passion more about you than the success of the members of the team? Who is in your spotlight?