The following blog was written by a student that attended one of my Leadership Labs. The writing was in response to the question “How would you define leadership?”

What is leadership? The way I see leadership is a person who can help the group as a whole without being a boss who tells others what to do. A good leader should be able to keep the group organized so the objective can be completed effectively and efficiently. A quality leader should be able to listen to the groups ideas and thought. Leadership is a quality that not everyone can handle. You have to serve and listen to your group for the overall benefit of others nd your group. A goo leader is someone who can take ridicule and not black others, but use what is wrong and turn it into what can be right. Finally, a good leader is a good friend. You don’t want to be a leader who is always arguing with the group, but someone who the group can agree with and relate to. By being a friend, I don’t mean to only chose your friends, to be on your team, you may never get anything done that way. I mean to choose people who would be good for the job and become friends with them and get the task done effectively and efficiently.