One of my favorite things to do is to ride my road bike. For some reason (after I get over the uncomfortable seat) I enjoy listening to music or to a book and just riding. It is a great form of exercise, and it does not cause my knees to hurt when I am through.

Earlier this week during a ride, started thinking about how connected I was to the bike. The bike shoes that I wear have clips on the bottom of them that connect me to the pedals. My phone gets connected to a mount on my handlebars, and then my earbuds are connected to the phone. It just got me to thinking on how, in a strange kind of way, I was one with the bike.

Now don’t think that I was getting all emotional over the bike, that was not the case at all. It was just that I started thinking about how I could accomplish a task with the bike. (Work with me here, I know it is confusing.)

When I am riding the bike, there are many parts moving at the same time. I could bore you with all of the parts of a human body and the mechanicals of a bike however I will spare you all of that. The bottom line is that everything is doing a part. My vision provides a glimpse into the future and also helps keep me balanced. The bike and all of the individual parts do their part to help reach the vision.

I could go on with the analogy by saying that I have to maintain the bike and also my body so that everything works properly. I could add that there are times when I have to work harder going up hills, or how my vision is there to direct away from obstacles that could hurt the bike or my body. But I am sure that you are getting the idea.

It is funny how my riding a bike made me think of leadership, how every person on the team is there for a purpose and that each one plays a part. I guess the thing that I began focusing on the most is the taking care of each part.

As leaders, we need to pay attention to the individuals on our team. We need to make sure that they are cared for and that we use our vision to protect them from obstacles that might be on the path.

This week’s experiment deals with caring for your team members. How are they doing? Are you protecting them from obstacles or are you placing the obstacles in their path? Take some time out and make sure that each team member is properly cared for.

One other thing, the bike seat is called a saddle. Getting the proper saddle will help with the discomfort. (There is a leadership lesson there as well but we will keep that for another day.)