When it comes to the best ways to cook, or the best-flavored food, I love to grill out. There is just something about the smoky flavor of a charcoal grilled burger or steak. It could be the growing up in Texas, or just the fact that it seems manly, but grilling out just seems the way that God wanted us to prepare our food.

It was during one of these grilling moments that I discovered that there are several leadership lessons that we can learned from the culinary art of barbecue. Here are eight that are worth sharing.

First, creating the perfect steak or burger is a process. There have to be many working components. From the coals, the temperature, the seasoning even the grill itself, they all have to do their part in getting the piece of meat exactly how it needs to be. And none of them can take full responsibility of the process. This is the same with leadership, every member of the team plays a part, and none can clam all of the glory. It takes all components of the team.

As I looked at my grill, I noticed that I had three different types of meat and some vegetables. Anyone knows that certain types of meat cook faster and need additional (or less) attention. When you are grilling vegetables, you have to treat them totally different. This is the same in leadership. One method does not work for the whole team. Team members are made up of ordinary people with different personalities. Each person needs to be treated in their unique way. Different people and situations require different leadership profiles, working environments, opportunities, and resources.

One last thing that I recognized, the goal is a great tasting meal. If my end product always tasted bad, no matter how much I liked grilling, then no one would want to eat. And, if you continue to serve poor tasting barbecue, your guests will find another place to eat. When it comes to leadership, If you lead poorly, your team will find another leader. Great teams need leadership, and if they do not get it from you, they will seek to find it somewhere else.

Today’s experiment. How is your grilling technique? Are you treating everyone the same?

Also, when was the last time that you had a really good grilled burger? Go out and make yourself one.