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The future is now here! That is right, that thing that I could not wait to do when I was 16 years old has now become something that adults everywhere want to allow someone, or something, else to do.

I remember when I was 15 years old, and I could not wait to get my license so I could drive. I remember that time when I failed my first drivers test (another story for another time). I remember the excitement when I did get my license and my first truck, I am from Texas, so a truck is necessary. Nothing said “I’ve got the power” like driving myself around and being in charge of my destination.

It seems as though we have reached another milestone in our society. I read an article where they expect that cars will drive themselves in the next ten years or so. So that goal that I looked so eagerly towards as a young teenager has now become something that we can not wait to surrender.

The whole idea of a car that drives itself got me to thinking about the act of driving, which I do so much of these days. I started thinking about leadership and how sometimes we as leaders have a tendency to desire the opportunity to lead however once they achieve the opportunity they do not want the responsibility that goes with the opportunity.

Due to a recent conversation with a leader he reminded me of a rule for leadership. “You can deligate authority however the responsibility remains with you.” Go back to the car idea for a moment, the idea of a car driving itself got me to thinking about what might happen if the car breaks the law? Who get’s the ticket? Can the person sitting in the seat, who was not really driving, use the excuse “I was not driving officer, it was the car that did it.” Well to answer that question for you before you try using it, you as the driver would be responsible. You can not blame the car.

Being a leader goes right along with that idea. Leadership allows you to be hands off in certain circumstances, but the ultimate responsibility remains with the leader. Delegation is a great thing that allows for a greater number of things to get accomplished however the when your team drives through a construction zone, it will be you that gets the ticket.

This week’s experiment: Are you delegating authority to others in the team? If not, why not try it on a couple of projects. Don’t micro manage after the delegation. Just remember, the responsibility remains with the leader. That can not be delegated.

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