The twelve gifts for a leader.

Since tomorrow is Christmas, I thought that I would provide you with a list of gifts for the leader in your family. You have an entire day of shopping so, you are welcome.

Encouragement – If there is a leader in your life, the chances are that there are times when they doubt their abilities or their effectiveness. One of the greatest things that you can do for a leader provides honest encouragement.
A sense of humor – One thing that a leader needs to have is the opportunity to laugh. Sometimes it is just the freedom to laugh at others and also at themselves.
A Challenge – Just as a racehorse needs to run, a leader needs the challenge to overcome. It is good to give a leader a goal to reach for or a challenge to overcome.
Appreciation – Many times we get so busy with our lives that we fail to show the appreciation that we have for someone. Just like each of us needs to be appreciated, so does the leader.
Trust – When it comes to leading a team, one of the things that a leader values is the trust of the team. A leader needs to feel trusted by the team and their closest friends.
Respect – While I am not a person that believes that respect is something that is earned, there is a certain amount of respect that should be given just because of the leader being a person and also because of the position.
Space – With the hustle of everything that goes along with being a leader, sometimes the best thing you can do for a leader is to give them space. Space could be time alone or time to process their thoughts.
Success Stories – During the normal day to day activities, a leader hears all of the problems. A leader needs to hear success stories from the team.
Suggestions – When all of the questions that are brought to the leader, the weight of having all of the answers seem so be on their shoulders. It is nice to hear a suggestion from the team.
Loyalty – Often when it comes to leadership, everyone wants to move up and take the next rung of the ladder. What a leader needs is loyalty and the freedom from looking over their shoulder.
Grace & Forgiveness– Just because a person is a leader does not make them perfect. Leaders make mistakes, and a leader needs the same forgiveness like the rest of the team.
A Great Team – If there were one gift that every leader would ask for, it would be a great team. I would add that in reality it is the team with the potential to be great. I believe that the leader is there to assist the team to become great, it is just the team with the potential to become great that would put a smile on the leader.

So, head out for your last minute shopping spree and pick up a few of these gifts for the leader in your life. Spread some Christmas cheer.

Merry Christmas!