Have you ever been around someone that always wanted you to taste something? Let me give you an example, I have a family member that once they find something that taste good to them, they immediately want me to try it. (Think brussel sprouts, ugh!)

Now back when I was an immature person (last month) I would say things like that just to get someone to taste something sour or rotten. This, however, is not the case with this family member, they believe that the drink or the food that they want me to try taste good, and they want me to share in their enjoyment. Most of the time, I end up not liking the new entree, so now I just avoid anything they want me to taste.

In our world, one person’s likes are another person’s dislikes. This happens with different types of food from around the world. Something that is a speciality in one culture might be considered disgusting in another. (Just do a search on Spam.)

I started thinking about this while reading a book on reputation and character. There was a statement in the book that opened my eyes when it comes to both your character and your reputation. The author indicated that your reputation was different for each person on your team.

At first, I considered that this had to be wrong but after giving it some thought, I realized that the author might be on to something. Some of your team members could see you as a polite, thoughtful person while others might think you are rude and a maverick.

Just think about this, each person is relating to you through their past experiences. They could be bringing their joys and anger from previous relationships. It is not just what you do that makes your reputation; it also depends on your personal relationship with your team.

Now some might say that this is just their perception of your reputation or character. But think this through for a moment. If I were to ask someone about you or your character, they would give me their perception, or opinion. We might have what some might consider impeccable character, if the person I am asking just had a bad experience with you; they are not going to give you a glowing character reference.

In reality, our reputation and or character is only as good as the person giving the reference for you. While one person might give you glowing remarks, another might mention things that are less than glowing.

This week’s challenge is to examine your reputation and character from each person on your team’s perspective. What do they really think of you?