Can you imagine living back in the days of dinosaurs? I mean the power of a Tyrannosaurus Rex roaming the earth, or of a Velociraptor?

Can you imagine the power of these creatures? The rule that they had over there everything that lived and breathed.

In listening to a motivational podcast recently I heard the statement that I have heard many times over the years. That statement “if you continue doing what you’re doing, you’ll continue getting what you’re getting.” The thought behind this is unless you’re willing to change your actions, your circumstances are very unlikely to change. The idea is that if you want change, you will need to change. However, the opposite could also be true. If everything is going great, why would you want to change?

I started thinking about those dinosaurs and how there is a problem with that statement. After all, those dinosaurs continued to operate the same day every day and all the sudden the circumstances and climate changed. T. Rex woke up every morning put his pants on, drank his cup of coffee and went out to harass society, just like every other day. Why would he change anything? It seems as though everything was going his way.

You see these dinosaurs continued to do the same thing over and over again, yet the world and the climate changed around them, and they were not willing to adapt. No matter how much you believe when it comes to evolution, no matter how much you want to talk about science, at the end of it at the end of the day the world changed around the dinosaur and the dinosaur was unable or unwilling to change with it. It is because of that lack of change that we have is something we call extinct extinction, and we look at the fossils and bones of dinosaur’s in museums.

This also got me to thinking about me about my life and also those friends and leaders that I know. Those leaders of organizations and businesses. You see the fact is that we have a tendency to get in a habit and a pattern of doing the things that we like over and over again. We fight change because it is uncomfortable. The problem is that without the willingness to adapt and change we get left behind. The world is changing around us.

Just think, the portable cell phone hit the scene in 1973. In just a short twenty years after that new device introduced itself, IBM introduced the Simon. This new device had a few apps and could be used to fax, had paging capabilities and a few other tricks. Just think how the world has changed since 1993. Just think about how we communicate today. Just imagine, it was 1992 when a 22-year-old engineer from the UK used his computer to send the phrase “Merry Christmas” to a friend’s phone when he was at a party. That first text message has forever changed the way we speak to and with each other.

Imagine the world with no Skype, no Twitter, no Instagram, or no Facebook. I meet people that talk about social media and computer technology and how they refused to accept the changes taking place right around them. They believe that as long as they can continue doing things the way they have always done them they will continue to be successful. The problem is we’re not swimming in the same pool that we were swimming in just last week. The waters are changing around us at breakneck speeds. We must be willing to adapt.

There’s another word that we could use to describe the T. Rex of today’s society, denial. Refusing to adapt to a changing society, or to a culture that is not the same one that we were born into, will only lead to the death of your organization.

As I woke up this morning, I drank my coffee from my Keurig coffee pot, read my newspaper from my iPad, sent multiple text messages, and then read my (e)mail.

As a leader and, as a professional, I must continue to adapt to the world around me to remain relevant and to continue making an impact. If I refuse to accept change, I will become an old fossil.

The goal today is not to fight change, not to be someone who resisted, but embrace it, accept it. Celebrate and remember the past, rejoice in the way it was, and be grateful for the changes that are happening right around us.